Zapantera… »We were one »(Sia-Love)

I speak these words in solidarity with the Zapatista community.

May they please the ancestors.

Long before Spain invaded the Americas with ship loads of enslaved Africans, before America was called America and Africa was called Africa, when a snail was just a snail and a panther was just an animal, historians write of an ancient Mayan-African relationship — one of trading ideas, cultures, goods and more. Some archaeologists go further. They write that before Mayans and Africans traded, before they were two different people, they were one.

When I heard that my father would present on our legacy of the Black Panther Party for this symposium, I felt an impulsive reaction to attend, like an ancient calling, urging me: ‘Be there! Let your presence be testimony to the ancestors that your spirit remembers a time before colonization, subjugation and plantations.’

Before Zapatistas took to the mountains in Chiapas and Panthers to the streets in the US; before we were revolutionaries fighting our own unique battles in different countries; before there was ‘you’ and ‘I’, there was ‘we.’ And we were one.

Sia-Love, Poetic reflection, “Tercer Seminario Internacional de Reflexión y Analisís,” Universidad de la Tierra, Chiapas, Mexico (2012)

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