#Blacklivesmatter : luttes antiracistes et pour l’égalité des droits, d’hier à aujourd’hui


Now and Then.

The previous year has brought to the headlines images of protest, unrest, questions about race and the reminder that despite the progress made over of the last century, America is far from a whole nation.

Schools have been integrated, the workplace has laws to fight bigotry, the FBI keeps track of hate crimes, a biracial couple can eat Cheerios on a TV commercial, and a biracial man was elected twice to the highest post in the country.

Progress has been made, but as the events of 2014 have reminded us, in many ways as it was, it still remains with many skin-deep issues still lingering under the surface.

Sit-ins at Woolworth lunch counters have been replaced with die-ins in New York’s Grand Central Station. #BlackLivesMatter tweets have replaced “I am a Man” sandwich cards. The national guard in Mississippi has been replaced by the national guard in Missouri.

Through these diptychs, we can measure time and progress. By looking to the past, we glean insights toward the future, perhaps avoiding the pitfalls the next time around. — Shaminder Dulai

Photo credit: Reuters, AP, Magnum, Getty



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